OPPO Becomes First Smartphone Brand to Introduce 10X Hybrid Zoom

OPPO’s latest innovation brings 10x Hybrid Zoom to your smartphone

OPPO’s latest innovation brings 10x Hybrid Zoom to your smartphone

OPPO has always been at the forefront of introducing new technologies for smartphones and has laid claim to many firsts. In keeping with this, at this year’s MWC event in Barcelona, the smartphone company unveiled its 10X hybrid zoom technology. With this, OPPO has become the first smartphone brand to introduce this technology in smartphone cameras.

OPPO Becomes First Smartphone Brand to Introduce 10X Hybrid Zoom

Next-gen cameras

OPPO became the first company to announce a smartphone camera module that offers 10x Hybrid Zoom at the recently concluded MWC 2019 in Las Vegas, USA. The technology will be available for mass production and the company plans to launch its device in the next few months, globally. It has adopted a periscope optical structure and realised the 10x Hybrid Zoom through the coordinative work of three cameras, from the ultra-wide-angle camera to the telephoto camera.

OPPO Becomes First Smartphone Brand to Introduce 10X Hybrid Zoom

What makes the 10X hybrid zoom technology truly spectacular is that it comes with three cameras:

  • 8MP ultra-wide angle camera with a 16mm focal length and 120-degree field of view

  • 48MP high-resolution primary sensor

  • 12MP telephoto lens with a focal length of 160mm

All the three cameras work in tandem to give you pictures of high quality and improved precision.

OPPO Becomes First Smartphone Brand to Introduce 10X Hybrid Zoom

“The buzz this technology has managed to create at the MWC is pretty positive.”

This is not the first time that OPPO has disrupted smartphone camera technology. In 2017, they had unveiled 5X lossless zoom technology at MWC.It is expected that OPPO will launch 10X camera zoom phones sometime in the second quarter of this year. Till then, all you OPPO fans will have to wait it out!

Tech innovations

OPPO has always worked towards introducing new technologies to address consumer pain-points in mobile phone usage. Be it the Super VOOC or Hyper Boost technology, futuristic innovations of the company have managed to steal the limelight, year-after-year. OPPO is well on the path of having the greatest number of firsts to its name.

OPPO Becomes First Smartphone Brand to Introduce 10X Hybrid Zoom

While cameras are definitely its forte, OPPO has also made many advancements when it comes to technologies like fast charging. By addressing a major pain point of short batter life, OPPO stole the limelight with its VOOC charging technology. While most smartphone makers focused on bigger batteries, and thus, bigger phones, OPPO turned towards making charger smaller, while still offering the same charging speeds. Now, with an upgraded SuperVOOC, OPPO has managed to take its charging technology a notch higher than anybody else.

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